Non-native EMFs, are unnatural man made electromagnetic frequencies. They are produced by AC electricity, wireless radio waves, microwave radiation, wifi, cellphones, cell tower signals, and any other wireless technology that uses a vibrating frequency wave for sending information. All of these unseen and unnatural "frequency waves" can disrupt the normal frequencies our bodies and cells use and need to function and reproduce normally.

Natural Earth energy frequencies range from 1-60 Hz, which our bodies are tuned to and need for survival.  However, wifi, cell towers, and other wireless signal frequencies are in the GHz range. GigaHertz is 1 million Hz (hertz) or 1 million times higher or FASTER frequency than our Earths simple 1-60 Hz range.  Can humans really expect to be bombarded with frequencies of such high intensities and not think they will be adversely affected? These man-made "technological" frequencies are proving to be foreign and toxic to our simple human frequencies and our natural living cell biology.  

Man made non-native emfs, can confuse and damage living cells, mitochondria, and DNA. Mitochondrial dysfunction seems to be at the root of many chronic diseases we are experiencing today. But how and why has our mitochondria become dysfunctional? A consequence of our rapidly advancing "wireless" technologies? Credible research has been done and is ongoing in other countries. Learn more about the different types of emfs and their affects  here:

The truth may be "inconvenient" and is still being denied by those who profit as well as those who simply love their technology. But only when we own up to the dangers can we begin using our human creativity to figure out the best way to use technology while staying safe and keeping our health and sanity. 

Fortunately, as we learn more we can do better. No one wants to give up their technology or cell phone. But we can learn how to use them wiser and safer, especially around children. Many of these dirty electricity and harmful wireless radiation frequencies can be mitigated or lessened. Simple testing of your home or work environment is the first place to start.   

​"Everything in excess is opposed to nature"                               Hippocrates

dirty electric

​"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."        Hippocrates

Harmful EMF's or "dirty electricity". 

What it is

and how it affects us.