Dr. Bruce Lipton.   

Our favorite scientist & spokesman, explaining

how our environment, and our "energy"

 influences EVERYTHING.....

"A human being is part of a whole, called by us the Universe."               Albert Einstein

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  The links provided on all of our pages are for

you to enjoy, learn from, and consider.  

May the "FORCES" be with you!

‚Äč"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."        Hippocrates

"Naturalforces within us are the true healers of disease."            Hippocrates  

We are Registered Nurse Consultants, that are so excited and impressed with the research and evidence, showing how much

these natural, simple, earth energy options can actually 

improve our health and wellness, we just had to make sure the information and opportunities for use were made easily available. Thus Earth Energy Wellness emerged!

The Nurses of Earth Energy Wellness, want to offer you an alternative, a real opportunity to feel wonderful and happy.  The simplicity of following what nature intended is so easy and effective, it's hard to believe. While we are fortunate to have EMERGENCY medicine and trauma care available if needed, current statistics warn us that the United States Health Care "system" is actually ranked 3rd for all causes of 

death.  Instead of relying on and believing in this losing "system", our goal has been to find and figure out how to best get out and STAY OUT of the "system".  And oh, what wonderful science we are finding! The newest, most cutting edge research in biology and physics has shown that we are products of our environment. So it only makes sense that changing your environment, not your medicine or doctor, 

may be the most effective way to improve a health problem. 

Once environmental issues are identified, modified, and improved; our cells, our immune system, our mental state, everything really; may finally enjoy the chance to flourish and thrive. 

We want to guide and enlighten you. To help you understand that YOU have the power to stay healthy, stay strong , stay vital, just by being true to your biology and NATURES' 

supportive environment. 

This is not about diet and exercise, nor willpower or self control.

Quantum physics has given us a whole new understanding of how life really works, what it REALLY takes for our bodies to thrive and stay well. Are you willing to look into it, consider inconvenient truths; take responsibility for your own health? 

When you decide there can be a better way or if you're just curious, we are here for education and support. 

We can answer your questions, show you easy environmental fixes and effective ENERGETIC WAYS to start feeling better;  whether that means improving cell function, relieving pain, sleeping sounder, losing weight, feeling younger, or being happier!  It's up to YOU, it is your life.  We believe in natures ENERGY, the Earthly "FORCES" all around us that have been created for the benefit of all life! You are ENERGY, we ALL are energy!  Simply plug in, relax, enjoy, get recharged, be restored, come ALIVE!

Use our links and pages to get started. You can educate and help yourself to start feeling better.  Or give US a call!  We'd love to help you put it all together!