"Look deep into nature and then you   will  understand everything better".  

                                         Albert Einstein

​​​​​ Earth Energy Wellness consultants offer education, home environmental and health assessments, earthing, magnetism and sunlight therapy consultations and simple emf testing, recommendations and referrals.

 Learn how you and your family can access and benefit  from natural healthful earth energies everyday!  
 For a full description of EARTHING, MAGNETISM, and SUN light benefits, visit our pages and be amazed! 

We can help you put it all together!

​​​​Did you know there is a natural, simple, and easy way to improve your health, energy, ability to heal, and sleep soundly, right under your bare feet?  ​Earthing, or grounding, standing barefoot on the earth, takes advantage of our Earths' wonderful healthful energies, frequencies, and electrons to recharge cells, neutralize free radicals, keep blood flowing normally, sooth inflammation, decrease aches and pains, and encourage fertility. Sound to simple and FREE to be real? Check out our EARTHING page and see for yourself!

​     SUNLIGHT! Who doesn't love the warmth and comfort of the sun!  Could shunning natural sunlight be making us fat, depressed and sick?  Find out how the natural energies provided by the full spectrum of sunlight frequencies are actually designed to keep us healthy and vibrant!   

​​     MAGNETISM!  Another earth energy we don't notice but which affects us greatly. The earth actually has a magnetic pulse! Our bodies, minds and nervous systems are tied to these magnetic pulsing frequencies on a deep cellular level.  Actually, all life on Earth relies on these magnetic frequencies. See more about the importance of magnetic power on our MAGNETISM page!

​     EMFs. ElectroMagnetic Frequencies. Emfs are actually part of nature and earths magnetic pulse.

However, man has made non-native emfs, that nature and living beings may not be compatible with. Could many of our current health problems be coming from an over load of these man made, non native electromagnetic frequencies?  Do you live next to a cell tower or power lines? Are you constantly attached to your cell phone or surrounded by wifi signals? Maybe a health issue is from an unnatural emf environment, not an unhealthy lifestyle?



Earth Energy Wellness

Enjoy the Power of Earth Energy!

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it."           Albert Einstein                                          

        OUR EARTH,


​"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."        Hippocrates

​The Earth is alive with energy. She provides a pulsing, magnetic, frequency based energy field, that is basically Mother Earth humming to us with love and support. Earth's vibrating energy is always there, ready to support us and keep us strong. Are we listening, feeling, tuning in? Our lives literally, depend on it!  

Relax, Enjoy, let the Energy in!